Charles Chesnutt’s Fayetteville

A self-guided walking tour which highlights the youth of author Charles Chesnutt in Fayetteville, NC.

An image of the Perry home, where Chesnutt lived immediately following his marriage to Sarah Perry, superimposed on the modern-day site

Walking Tour

The tour is hosted on The Clio app and can be found here: Charles Chesnutt’s Fayetteville (link opens in new window)

A write-up regarding the tour from the Fayetteville Observer: A walk down memory lane: Fayetteville walking tour takes participants back in time (link opens in new window)

An interview with the Fayetteville Observer about Chesnutt’s legacy: Breaking Barriers: Charles Chesnutt was among nation’s first notable Black authors (link opens in new window)

Fayetteville State University Seminar

A brief presentation and overview of the tour which was part of a larger virtual seminar hosted by the Lafayette Society: